The Anilyzer was built with the intent to help animators, artists and designers view reference material from Youtube and Vimeo frame by frame and slow motion to aid their process.

The website is supported by AniRef, an iOS app for animators to shoot, analyze and track reference. You can read more about the app on an article by CartoonBrew here.

The website runs on flash, and thus will have a hard time if you are a FireFox user (due to firefox restricting flash on their browsers) or if you have an old version of flash installed. Please contact us for any issues, and we will try to fix anything we can from our end.

The Anilyzer works by placing a video link from your preferred site after choosing its platform (Youtube or Vimeo) after which you are given a tool box to play frame by frame, or in speed increments for slow motion. Please note the slow motion tool is only available for Youtube links, as Vimeo implements code restrictions that do not support the function.

Vimeo will show you a tool setting for frame skipping. Unlike for Youtube, prior to skipping frames you must pause the video. This is again due to Vimeo code restrictions, which is why you will not find other Anilyzers online!

We hope this tool can be useful to you and your workflow.
Happy animating!

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